2023 Agenda - Research & Development | Kisaco Research

2023 Agenda - Research & Development

Women's Health Innovation Summit 2024
23-25 September, 2024
Boston, MA, USA

Research & Development Sessions

Championing Research: Investing & Partnering in Early-Stage Discovery

Improving the benchmark for measuring disease modification and reducing the use of
symptomology is imperative for addressing underserved areas in women’s health such as ovarian cancer and endometriosis. This panel discussion will deep dive into the importance of prioritizing research through a sex & gender lens to identify new molecules, exploring the challenges and opportunities in investing in early-stage research, partnering with research institutions, and considering what more can be done.

At the Heart of the Issue: Precise,Personalized and Preventative Care to Improve Women’s Cardiovascular Health

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 75% of coronary heart disease cases in women can be prevented. Identifying sexspecific risk factors through personalized risk assessments is an important step in creating precise treatment options to improve heart health. Join this panel discussion to hear from those leading the way in reducing the number one death of women in the US.

Sustained Drug-Eluting Dosage Forms in Women’s Health: Leveraging Patient Centric Delivery

This presentation will cover VitalDose’s role in patient centric delivery within Women’s Health, exploring how using the sustained release of single or multiple drugs can relieve patient burden in chronic diseases and provide a benefit to the formulation of small molecule API to larger molecule or complex therapeutics.

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